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Business Development, Strategic Sourcing, and Proposal Creation

Strategic capture management and proposal services to help your company increase public sector sales while minimizing expenses associated with new business ventures.

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Government Contracts Are Hard To Secure

Capturing opportunities in the government space can seem daunting and time consuming. Many businesses are faced with limited resources to support bids and proposals resulting in staff burnout and frustrations causing:

  • Poorly written proposals
  • Pricing mistakes
  • Low win probabilities

Don’t let resource constraints stop you from doing more business with the government. Let us help you save overhead costs and increase revenue generating activities.

There are over five thousand government contractors competing on contracts in the US alone. Many of which are small businesses with diverse classifications.


  • How are you differentiating your company’s products and service offerings to stand out to your prospects?
  • Are you experiencing the Past Performance conundrum?
  • Are you finding meaningful teaming partnerships?

Why Choose Contracts Co.?

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We help businesses win public sector contracts with the Federal Government and State and Local Governments (SLGs). We specialize in:

Strategic Capture Planning


Bids and Proposals Management

Contracts Administration Support Services

Sourcing and Pipeline Demand Generation

Writing Services

Imagine a world where proposals are a welcomed activity in your business because it’s stress free and revenue generating.

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Who We Help

The Federal Government spends billions of dollars each year through government contracts. Successful government contractors have strategic capture plans and apply tactical focus to pursuing opportunities.

  • Are you interested in growing your public sector sales?
  • Do you want to win more government contracts?
  • Have you considered breaking into the government space?

We help companies grow their business with the Government. Let us help you increase your win rates and likelihood of closing the deal!

We Support All Phases of the Proposal and Contract Management Process

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At Contracts Co., we bring specialized experience across all phases of the acquisition process to help businesses streamline proposal operations and increase your win probability. Proactive marketing and effective solutioning during the capture and BD phases enables businesses to be well-positioned for the actual response to an open solicitation, further increasing your win probability. Let us help you bolster your pipeline with strategic sourcing services where we perform targeted searches based on a number of criteria to review and vet potential opportunities for your business. These pre-proposal activities are essential to successfully responding to proposals, understanding the Customer, knowing the competitive landscape, and building the right team.

How We Help

There’s an art and a science to winning government contracts and it requires a well thought out capture plan and dedicated resources to support the many phases of the acquisition lifecycle. This can be costly and overwhelming. We can help you confidently respond to solicitations and save you time and resources along the way.


What sets Abby apart is not only her exceptional technical abilities, but also her leadership and interpersonal skills. She has an innate ability to inspire and motivate our team, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Abby is an excellent communicator and has a great ability to work with people from all backgrounds. Her positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond have made her an invaluable asset to our team.

Joe Trujillo CEO of Projexel LLC. 
Joe Trujillo

If you are looking for someone who provides exceptional proposal and capture services, Abby is the person to work with. Her outstanding proposal skills, reviews, capture strategy, and writing capabilities are always on point, making her an invaluable asset to any project I pursue.

Richard Negron CEO of JVR Tech LLC
Richard Negron
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Let’s Get in Touch

We would love to learn more about your goals and how we may be able to help. Please reach out to us so we can setup a time to learn more about you.