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About Contracts Co.

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About Contract Co

Contracts Co. was created based on the demand for quality, proposal writing services. Businesses were eager to break into the public sector and needed help responding to proposals. Add into the mix, rapid innovation of technology in the marketplace and the Government’s large spending budgets, we were experiencing unprecedented growth opportunities. As a writer, I am able to leverage my proposal management and capture management skills to offer businesses a soup to nuts solution to increase their public sector sales.

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About Abby Halder

The Founder

Abby Halder, CEO and Founder of Contracts Co., is a business development professional with over 16 years of experience as a Proposal Manager, Capture Manager, Proposal Writer, and Contracts Administrator. She brings expertise in how to successfully win competitive acquisitions and pursue government contracts. Abby brings proven methodologies and strategic approaches that strengthen and grow end customer relationships, enhance channel partner activities, and strengthen teaming relationships. She brings subject matter expertise in IT solutions, highly technical professional services, cyber security, and compliance. She has successfully developed and implemented GTM strategy for public sector verticals that are solution-specific and territory-based.